Pointy nose fun

The WRCV provides whippet lovers a fun, social and family friendly environment to race their dogs. We hold both competitive and fun races. Competitive races have points awarded for end of season trophies. Fun races are for beginner whippets and other sighthounds who just want to run for fun.

Come and join us

We hold race meets monthly from February to November at the Lang Lang Coursing Club track at the Lang Lang public reserve and we’d love to see you there.

We welcome all whippets and sight hounds and if it’s your first time you can join in the fun races for a gold coin donation.

Roll out a picnic blanket or bring your deck chairs and watch them run.  Don’t forget to enter into the WRCV raffle to win some lovely prizes.

Check out the Race Calendar for upcoming dates.

How do I get started

Awesome whippy fun!

Check out the race calendar