Whippets started
Whippets who did something silly
Owners slightly embarased
People who had fun!

Where to find us

Lang Lang Coursing Club

25 Range Rd, Lang Lang , VIC  3984

What to bring

Apart from a budding racer or two there are a few things you need to bring to a race meet:

A secure lead and collar to avoid escapees.  No extension leads please!

(On the track your dog can run without a collar, or with a close fitting collar. No chains or loose collars.)

A muzzle if you have one, for when your dog is on the track (if you don’t have a muzzle we can loan you one).

Enough people to handle your dogs, to keep those excited whippies under control.

Doggy bags to clean up in case they just can’t wait.

Training treats to encourage recall of wayward whippets.

Gold coins for race entry fees. For your first race meet it’s only a gold coin donation per dog.

A picnic blanket or folding chairs for relaxing between races.

Money to buy raffle tickets, to be in the running for some great prizes.

What the track looks like

Lang Lang is a straight grass track 350m long

The Lang Lang track is ideal for our little pointy noses and the facilities are perfect for a great family day out.  There is a nice covered area with views of the whole track where you can watch the whippies from start to finish. If the weather is fine you can use the outdoor area which has park benches overlooking the track.

The track has a casual country feel and we will have it all to ourselves on race days.  It is a straight run inside a large fenced area, so our pups can’t escape easily.

Dogs are walked to the starting area at the west end.  The lure is brought to the start area by motorcycle or golf cart. Starting is by hand slipping or from our boxes.

The lure is driven by the lure driver from a tower near the middle of the track.  The lure is pulled by a cord that is attached to a winch at the far eastern end of the track, controlled by the driver.  The overall length of the track is 350m but we run the whippies over 2 distances, 150m and 250m.

There is a catching pen at the end of the track where a gate is closed behind the racers.  The staff in the catching pen will put your whippy on a lead and take them out to the holding cages.  The cages are in an under cover area where your whippies can be safely held until you come and get them.

What happens on race day